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Multilingual Coaching & Career Counselling in English, Spanish & Italian

Are you looking for an experienced life coach, business coach or career counsellor? And prefer coaching sessions in English, Italian or Spanish rather than having to express yourself in basic German? Then my coaching sessions may be the right choice for you.

Multilingual Coaching & Career Counselling

(in English, Spanish & Italian)

My offer

As a coach I support you in the process of moving from A to be – from your current situation to your objectives and to a fulfilling personal and professional life. I assist you through times of change, crisis, important decisions or simply self-reflection and re-organisation – be it on a personal or a professional scale.

Together we analyse your current situation and set new objectives for your professional or personal life. In this process I don’t act as your omniscient counsellor who knows what is best for you. I rather assist and encourage you to find your individual solution out of your own resources and skills. This ensures that you find a solution or take a decision that is consistent with your character as well as your personal and professional setting.

Further to German I offer coaching sessions in English, Spanish and Italian (I worked as an interpreter in the past). This means you don’t have to struggle for the right words, but can go through your coaching process in your native language in a welcoming, relaxed and  highly concentrated setting.

My Portfolio

Life Coaching

There is a wide range of reasons for a life coaching. Here are a few examples:

  • You look for clarity
  • You undergo change
  • You want to solve a conflict situation
  • You want to access your sources of energy
  • You face a period of sorrow
  • You look for a sense of purpose in life
  • You wish to get rid of addictions and bad habits
  • You strive for work-life balance

As a coach I follow the systemic approach: This means that I consider you and your issues in the context of the “systems” in which you move – e.g. the system family, the system work place or the system sports club. Your actions, interactions and conditions within these systems give important insight into which solutions work for you and which rather not.

In my work I use solution-oriented methods based on scientific findings of psychology, neurobiology, short-term therapy, bodywork and neurolinguistic programming.

Career Counselling

To give you the best possible support for making the right decision and taking the right steps for your career, I use the techniques of systemic coaching in combination with the classic instruments of career counselling and job application trainings. Here are some reasons for booking a career counselling with me:

  • You have to decide for or against a new job
  • You want to pick out the right job out of various offers
  • You face a conflict situation at your workplace
  • You wish for change * You feel an indefinite discomfort in your job situation
  • You lack work-life balance * You feel exhausted * Burned-out
  • You look for a sense of purpose in your job
  • You face a new life situation (e.g. a baby) that requires career reorientation
  • You look for career orientation after your vocational training or university degree
  • You need attractive, informative and concise application documents (motivation letter, CV)

How long does a coaching take? Sometimes just one session makes all the difference

The time you’ll need to complete a coaching depends on various preconditions: If you start the coaching with a concrete issue and a clear objective – e.g. you need advice for the preparation of a job interview – one or two coaching sessions may be enough to achieve your goal.

Instead, if you contact me with an indefinite discomfort in your private or professional life, the coaching will probably require more time and commitment: First of all you will have to achieve inner clarity, then you will define clear objectives for your future and finally, develop concrete solutions to reach your objectives.

In the end it is on you to decide how many coaching sessions you book – depending on your financial situation and the time and commitment you want to invest.

The setting of my coachings

To ensure my clients’ privacy is my first priority. Depending on the city where you book your coaching – Munich, Ludwigsburg or Stuttgart – I use different coaching locations which still have one thing in common: They all inspire a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. And are thus the right setting to start your way towards a fulfilled life and a promising professional future.

As an alternative to face-to-face meetings I offer video coaching sessions for clients based anywhere in Germany or abroad. Especially in times of Covid 19 video session can be a good and easily practicable alternative.


30 minutes first-screening phone or video call – Free of charge
2 hours life coaching or career counselling – 100€/h + VAT

Get in touch …

… by simply using the contact form right hand or contact me via email or phone:

Phone:   +49 152 – 34 15 68 19

After this first contact, we’ll fix a a free phone or video call, so you can explain your issue. This will give us both the possibiltiy to check if we are a good match as a client and coach. I will be happy to get to know you!

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